Things to Consider When Choosing a Mouse Trap


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Pests are always a problem in every house. From the smallest bed bugs and ticks to large rodents, you know you have to protect your food, property and family members from these pests. Therefore, you want to make sure that you do everything in order to prevent them from infesting your house. On the event of infestation, you want to call a pest exterminator to help solve your pest issues with the best humane mouse trap. However, it will be costly if you keep calling a pest control expert. Some pests won't just go away and no matter how you keep your house sealed, pests like rats would always find a way to get inside your home. When it comes to rats, one way of controlling them is to use a mouse trap. Over the years, the mouse trap has gone beyond a simple homemade trap to a product being sold in the market. And now, there are dozens if not hundreds of different best mouse trap available. If you are buying a mouse trap, you might want to consider these things.

1.    Purpose - Although you want to prevent rats from running all over your house, you still have to consider whether you want to exterminate the rat or simply catch it then release it away from your house. There are mouse traps which directly kill the rats while newer mouse traps can catch rats alive.

2.    Trap size - Some mouse traps are smaller than a rat while others are big enough to catch several rats. If you are dealing with smaller rats, it would be suitable to use a small mouse trap. However, if it is a large rodent, you might want to secure larger mouse traps. This will ensure that you can catch the rat without giving them opportunity to get free.

3.    Usability - Some mouse traps are easy to use. There are glue type mouse traps which rats can get stuck. There are also the conventional mouse traps which you have to set up with a small risk of hurting yourself if not done properly or accidentally triggering the trap.

4.    Safety - The mouse trap must be safe for your pets and family. Do not use mouse traps that are toxic to your health or your pet to avoid accidents.

5.    Cost - Lastly, consider your potential expenses when buying a mouse trap. If a mouse trap can be used repeatedly, it might be worth investing even if it is expensive to those mouse traps you can only use once or twice.

Choose the right mouse trap and get rid of rats. Read this article about mouse traps: